13 Celebrity Couples That Turned Coachella Into Date Night

With countless girls wearing short shorts and crochet crop tops, plus the large groups of kids looking to party hard after hitting the Bloody Mary bar, one wouldn’t necessarily think to bring a hot date to Coachella. It’s not exactly the most romantic atmosphere in the world, what with the scorching sun and complex stage navigation, stepping over fallen flower crowns along the way. But it turns out that many celebrity couples actually prefer to spend their precious one-on-one time listening to music in Indio, despite (or because of) the festival madness.

Over the past few years, a wide range of significant others and spouses have popped up again and again by the main stage: Think Sean Combs and Cassie, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, or Emily Ratajkowski and Jeff Magid. Coachella regulars include Kate Bosworth and her husband Michael Polish, as well as Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson (pre-split, sadly). According to these famous lovers, there is something sweet about hanging out with your man among drunk desert crowds—and who are we to question it?
Here, 13 of the coolest couples to take Coachella, on the eve of its first festival weekend.

Michael Polish and Kate Bosworth

Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva

Twin Shadow and Zoë Kravitz

Sean Combs and Cassie

A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman

Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

Sarah Snyder and Jaden Smith

Alessandra Ambrosio and Jamie Mazur

Emily Ratajkowski and Jeff Magid

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger


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